Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


In which Saga gets rather 'girly' about her hair and has a birthday,
whilst Folly ponders the meaning of Christmas - and wonders what Gordon is going to do to her now

Today (Isn't it Always)
Today(Isn't it Always?)
Bad Hair day today!
Black locks all whichways and full of burrs
Tried teeth-pull but mouthfullup of burrs
Tail worst bit - very sraggley
Not me fault, just doing FLATCOAT WORK around village
Chase Cat, dig garden, chase cat, empty birdbath, chase cat . .
Never gets me anywhere - but me wasn't sure me was going anywhere anyway!!
Winter is museing-time really . .
Me muse on Cats . . and Bones . . . YELP!!! Let Me tell you . .
Gordon says 'Government' has banned Marrow-Bones because of BSE
Me not know who Government is
Me agree that banning bones is Bloody Stupid Exercise!
Now where did I bury that old one . . . Oooooh

THEY bring tree into house
me in trouble when me bring small twig into house!
Great Big Tree - HUGE - and they not in trouble
Put funny things on tree - also chocolates !! YUM !!
chocolates supposed to be for Twelfth Night
methink Twelfth Night is NightNow
Me in lots of Lots of trouble-ouch!
Candle-lights all this Christmas-thing
Gordon mutters growly things about Electricity Board
me think tail-wag good for candles - very splutter
SagaSez Christmas without Marrow-Bone is dismal,
but me wonder what Christmas is about
could be just Chocolate and Candles and Marrow-bones . . .
. . . . or something else . . ?
me not thinkful enough to know

Today(Isn't it Always?)
Hey! Saga Birthday Today!
ME having Birthday - Twelfth night party
Gordon says I should be Malvolio
If that right then methink he be Sir To.....OUCH Gordon!
FollyThing is as big as Me now,but Me BossDog!
Anyway Follything Big Chicken
When Follything DoorWoof she sounding VERY fierce, but
When DoorKnock come she dash back to den then follow Me to SortOut!
Me know Gordon plans to unzip FollyThing
Saw Gordon go to Ouchey-Vet for Appointment
Follything not know what coming to her . . .
Now just scratch my back will you . . . . Ooooooh

What's 'Unzip' mean?
methink something nasty lurking in very small thing called GordonMind
(must be small 'cos GordonNose is so tiny and Mind is at end of Nose).
Lots of new things for Growing Teeny-Bopper like me to explore
me woke up TodayAgo and grass had gone!
That's right, went to Follybed at night - in morning NO GRASS !
Just lots of prickly white stuff very good to BOUNCE in
me jump, me leap, me dodge SnowballThing, me chase in circles
Very Good Day
Wake up in morning grass is back - very strange - perhaps me dream?
me still worried about 'Unzip'- Gordon say UnzipDay is Monday
. . . hope they don't take me stuffing out . . . me like me stuffing !

Saga and Folly

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