Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


in which Folly is spayed and discovers Haagen-Daz,
whilst Saga has a day on the boat and ruminates on Veterinary Practices

Terrible Thing happens to me TodayAgoAgo
me jumps in RattletrapVan with SagaFriend but Gordon not go BoatWays
me going to AmblesideVillage which is Very Big City
me thinks "Yippee, yummy smellings"
Gordon make SagaStay but says 'FollyCome" - so Van OutJump on leash.
MeThinks Tough on Saga!
me cross Great Highway . .
. . . and go into place where methinks Old Soldiers must live.
No soldiers about - just a ColliePup and a Cat-in-Cage.
me Good, meSIT, me say HowDoYouDo to ColliePup, methink cat lucky no Saga . . .

Today (isn't it Always?)
Me not want to OutJump Van.
Me see FollyThing cross little one-way street
Me know that Old Soldiers not live in place called 'Vets'
Anyhow-ways this is NewVet 'cos Gordon cross with OldVet
OldVet not MeFriend either
NoVet MeFriend
When Me Very Small Gordon take me to Greg's Uppingham school
me meet GordonFriend who is Vet longwaysaway
He say to G. "Ha! A Flatcoat! Only one brain cell in whole breed"
GordonThink VetFriend Very Funny.
Me upset!
Me do dump on School Quad Lawn - embarrass Gordon!
Ha! More to Flatcoat than one BrainCell !!!
Now FollyThing talking of Cat-in-Cage . . . .
Grrrrr......Yelp....... Me want CAGEOPENER - Oooooh!

Today (isn't it Always!)
Me say to FollyThing
"WatchOut Follything this UnZip Place
Me knows 'cos OldVet UnZip Me
AnyHowWays Me have Good Day
Me help with antifouling Boats all red colour
Me thinks Me coat has small red-tinge problem!
Also lipstick 'cos me PickUpRetrieve StirStick
Gordon worried about Me Red Lips - muttering about Cellulose Thinners
Me do very crafty job of enticing Ornamental Chinese Goose to lakeshore
Whooheyyy! SPLOSH! GordonYell, GooseYell, Me trip over in water
All Boatpeople fall about laughing
Me stick nose in air and pretend Me was looking for fish!
Gordon cross 'cos me VeryWet
But Me smack RedLips at him and give him BrownEye Look - Ooooooh!

Friendly VetNurse asks me to stand on WeighPad
me weigh '26 kilos' - Gordon say he only understand pounds - he old stick-in-mud.
Nice VetMan come and rub me ears and say he like Flatcoats
'cos he NeedleJab me at same time!
We go and sit opposite Cat-in-Cage
ColliePup keels over and all DozyEyes . . .
VetNurse come in and I jump up and Tailwag
She say "Aren't you dozing off yet?"
Gordon say I AM dozy and she should see me when I am not full of DozyStuff
VetNurse learning Flatcoats not same thing as CollieDogs
. . but I decide to sit down for a bit . .
. . I think GordonLeave, but very nice . . and warm . . and dozy . . . .

MightBe Today or NotSoNow
me on VetFloorRug AllOutStretchFloppy
DozyFeel HeadUp UghYuckSick HeadDownAgain
All GiddySniff . . . .
. . . . Today MoreLikelikelyNow
me sniffout ColliePup. ColliePup in Cage
me thinksAgo Cat-in-Cage
Very TopsyTurveyThink
me like VetNurseGirl v . . . . just try to stop nosewhirl . .

Today (isn't it Always!)
Me fed up going to AmblesideVillage
Could go for ForestWalk instead
ME see FloppyThing stagger across road on GordonLead
FloppyThing in BigHeap in VanBack
MEsniff FollyFriend VeryScareySmell ME has ThinkBack WobblyLegs Feeling
Gordon drive Very Slow to CastleKennel - this NOT USUAL!
FloppyBundle left by fireside while ME FEED
Should have FollyFood too - Me eat for her . . . Yummmmm Ooohhhh

me TummySore
me had stuffing OutTaken!
me very attached to me stuffing - not fair! - me snooze . .

me TailWag 'cos me sniff Haagen-Daz "Special Treat for Folly"
Perhaps me not so attached to stuffing after all!
me go back to VetPlace and go in with SagaFriend
me tailwag and lie on table
SagaFriend ShiverAndPant and make dash for WallOpenPlace
VetMan says me good at StitchesOut
Gordon says Saga Big Scaredy Custard cos she not being StichesOuted
me thinks more Haagen-Daz Treats needed . . .

Today (isn't it Always!)
ME think this is a Rotten Log!!!!!
ME think it is all about FollyThing and Vets
Me do RollOnBackWith PawsInAir
in hope some nice reader come and TickleTum . . . . Oooooohhhhh!

Saga and Folly

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