Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


Further problems with sleeping arrangements,
Saga ruminates on Flatcoats who do not chase tennis balls,
whilst Folly considers Flatcoats that do not swim

Today (Isn't it Always)
Things not Good TodayAgoSomeTime
You remember how Gordon makes SagaBed LongTodays Ago?
Well, FollyThing convinced SagaBed is FollyBed
SagaBed is Inviolate (well sort of tan coloured really)
It is Saga Alone Place
All Flatcoats need AlonePlace to Cogitate!
ME Cogitate - but sometimes Gordon say Cog is a bit rusty - Grrrrrr!
AnyHowWays FollyThing jump on SagaBed NightTimes
Gordon say "Good, Keep SagaWarm"
ME not at all Oooooooooh

Yipee! SagaFollyBed FUN
me LeapOn SagaFollyBed, now LeapOff, now LeapOn
me chew SagaFollyRugOnBed nightimes,
me pull RugCushions,BedBits all over floor
me happy adolescent Flatcoat
me FlattyBopper!
Gordon GrowlaBit
GordonMate GrowlaLot
Saga VeryFunny Old Stick In Mud!

Today - (isn't it always!)
GordonMate make FollyBed from old palletwood
ME go quickly to bed nightimes before Folly come in
ME stretch out so that NoseTip is longwaysaway from TailTip
Folly not try to invade SagaSpace but go to new FollyDivanBed
ME HAPPY. Gordon call me cussed old B******* !
ME not chew Lino or scratch walls
GordonMate say me Strange Dog!
Now just one more cushion, please . . . . .Ooooooooh!

Thing is that me want to stay Black
me worried about turning red 'cos fluffy bits got RedTinge
methink flatcoats get greyness todayahead
SO methink CoalChew is answer.
me take coal out of brass coal scuttle (just right Flatcoat height)
and Coal Munch on carpet, and on rug, and on window seat . . .
GordonMate behaving oddly . . .
GordonMate chase FlattyBopper round house growling!!
But me SEE GordonMate do coal thing in fireplace
she take coal out of scuttle, then in morningtime she take old coal out of grate
when me take coal out of grate likewise - me in Number One GordonMate Trouble!

Today - (isn't it always!)
This FollyThing not much of Retriever
Follything not chase Tennis Balls !!!!
What Flatcoat does not chase Tennis Balls ??
She retrieve everything else !!
Follything brought really Yummy Sheep Dagging onto GordonBoat TodayAgo
Gordon nearly stood on Yummy
ME thought Folly get thrown Overboard! But Yummy went over instead!
ALSO FollyThing not run much!
ME always run, and run, and run all walklong.
ME backlegs get cramped after longwalks, but ME still run
Now just one more throw . . . . . Oooooooooh!

What is all this with Tennis balls?
Now me tell you Big Secret (shhhhh) . . .
. . . SagaFriend scaredy-custard of swim !!!
Not that she can't swim ('cos me see her paddle)
Just that she make lots of antiswim excuses (Lost my Stick, seen a Friend, got to Scratch)
Now me WaterBaby! Yup! methink FollySwim Great Fun
me leap in swim Tarn or swim Lake -
- even try GordonBath (this not advisable, Gordon Big and Soapy!)
Anybody know about thing called Birthday ????
Sagasez me nearly ready for First Birthday
me bit aprehensy-thing about this Birthday Whassit
Is it Friendly? Does it Bite?
Please send advice in plain brown e-mail marked ForFol . . . .

Saga and Folly

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