Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


In which Saga wrestles with Time, the Universe, Decent Behaviour and BSE, whilst Folly finds her pedigree, and discovers marrow bones and mooring warps

Today (Isn't it Always)
Now the Thing Is . . .
Well you see it is like this . . .
It's this Cogitate Thing
Sometimes Me "Cogs" just do not seem to "itate" properly
'Cos Me has a Big Unsolved Problem
How can Me explain . . .
If Me is here, and Moment Ago Me is there, and Moment Next me is elsewhere . .
Well WHAT is this MomentThing and WHAT is it Up To ????
Me tries to smell Moment
But Moment has Very Elusive Sniff
Me even try poke FollyThing in ribs so she Whizz Off PlayGameThing
But Moment must go with her like Shadow.
Me listen what Gordonsez
GordonSay clever-man Einstein think Good about Moment.
Me think such things are not for Flatcoats, and just wonder . .
are there Things not for Humans LikeThinkWise
All a bit too much "Cogi" for Me
Me lie on back and wave paws in air . . . Ooooooh!

Hey! Wow! Wow! Hey!
You gotta beleive this . . .
Oh, phew! ME so Exytipated !!!!!
Let ME see - Haven't I told You yet ???
A real, live, beautiful, black, happy, flatcoated Grand-Dam!
And she is on the internet (bit GordonHelp here!)
Now let ME get this Right . .
[Lick left forepaw]
Her name is Bella - Oh WOW - what a beautiful name for a Grand-Dam!
Her 'Sunday Name' is Wizardwood RUSHING WATER at Tanglebriar
and . . . and . . and . . .

Today (Isn't it Always)
Steady on FollyThing!
Most of us have had Grand-Dams at one time or another,
nothing to it really . .
you just look them up and there they are, come in pairs they do!!
Now it is NOT the Done Thing to start boasting about your breeding
SOME of us have Breeding and others, less fortunate, do not
So we just do not mention it (we just KNOW!)
Now let me mention a much more important matter
All the Dog People in the U.K. very upset Time Ago as
Government-Yucky-Thing ban selling 'Meat on Bone' 'cos of BSE
This mean no Marrow Bones - BUT
Government-Not-Quite-So-Yucky-Thing changes mind
Me had first Marrow Bone for TWO years
Me LAIR bone on Lawn - Crunch - Grind - Oooooooh!

GordonMate give ME FunnyThing
All Bloody-Sniff. Humph - ME has food COOKED, not uncooked!
Saga go all LAIR with her FunnyThing in Mouth
ME delicately take FunnyThing to LawnCorner
Keep eyeing Saga to see whar SagaDo
Saga goes CrunchGrind on FunnyThing - ME try
Me Like It !! SagaSez called Marrow-Bone
Yipeeeeee! ME crunch first Marrow-Bone in life and ME over 1 year.
SagSez ME should sue Government-Yuck for compensation
But ME not know who Sue is . .
Gordon gives ME old mooring warp Today Ago Ago and ME use as plaything
Mooring Warp about 30ft long and ME can drag it round house . .
and out into garden . .
and back into house
GordonMate keep uprighting felled coffee tables and rooting unrooted plants
GordonMate Yell at ME - but also fall about laughing like Gordon.
ME chewing old warp like Marrow Bone - but it sort of shreds -
MORE Yells!
[lick right forepaw]
If you want to see ME Grand-dam
either 'click' on ME pedigree on her name
or go to
and see her with one of her Grand-Pups called Thorn

Saga and Folly

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