Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


In which Saga thinks she is seeing double, the word "puppy" is mentioned,
and honour is satisfied in relation to Cats

Today (Isn't it Always)

Hello again, yes it's ME!
What is Gordon up to?
Today Day Ago (or Ago Ago) he started putting wire on the garden gates
Not that he is very good at it ...
. . . I tell him visiting cats can get through
He mumbles something about SEVEN-AND-A-HALF-WEEKS will not.
WHAT is week?
I am an even more confused ME!
Now I know I buried that bone here somewhere ... Oooh! . .
Today (isn't it always!)
. . . . and what about this Beanbag thing?
I know that I am being a bit rough Today Ago,with old Beanbag
But Masters bought TWO new ones
And some more feeding bowls. . .
I am going to get double rations !!!!!!
Life is really looking up - Masters CARE ABOUT ME
I have a Very Large Bed, Two Beanbags and Four Feeding Bowls.
Now if you could just scratch behind my right ear .. ... just a little higher please... Oooh! ...

Today (isn't it always!)
Today Ago we visit House of Dogs again
Gordon goes all sort of gooey and strange
I sit in Alfacar and pretend I cannot smell anything
BUT I sniff a sniff that reminds ME of something I knew
Today Ago and Ago and Ago - so Ago that it is hardly Today ... .
This is a Good Sniff... ...just curl front upper lip and sniff deep ...Oooh!

Same Today
Leaving House of Dogs Gordon says No More Film in Camera
Gordon lets me out of Alfacar for a pee
Start pee - - - see CAT - - - - Vhoooooosh - - - - - - - -
Gordon YELLS at ME
CAT runs up tree ME YELLS at CAT
Woman owning House of Dogs laughs and says I am a Proper Flatcoat
I do nonchalant pee and step graciously into Alfacar
I like House of Dogs - Nothing bad can ever come from there...
Now chuck this rug and I can stretch on leather seat ... Ooooh! ...

Today (isn't it always!)
Snooze time now
In dreams someone says "a week on Tuesday for Puppy" - (twitch)
In dreams .. I sniff puppy sniff.. ME is puppy - (squeak)
In dreams .. everyone going gooey over ME - (thump tail)
In dreams.. ME .. nearly .. understand - (twitch paws)
Snooze . . . . . .
What a life.. nothing to disturb ME .. ever... Snooze . . . . Oooh! . . . .

Me [Saga]

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