Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


In which Saga racks her braincell and protects her wagging appendage,
whilst Folly explores the niceties of Potentilla shrubs and birdbaths

Today (Isn't it Always)
I am sure that Long Long Today Ago Ago something is different
Something is missing then - perhaps?
Is there ever a Today Ago without Follything?
I keep racking Flatcoat Brain Cell and nothing but Follything!
Aha - a shady Potentilla shrub to lie under - Oooh!

Today - Now
SagaSez lie under Potentilla shrub . . .
Lie under Potentilla shrub with Saga
SagaGrowl! No Worry - pounce on SagaTail *****
****Hey! - Wow! - **** Little ME downside-up in Black Maelstrom!

Still Today - (isn't it always!)
ME a bit touchy about tail
Gordon always laugh and says tail too feathery
Gordon says ShowDogs get tail trimmed
Me think maybe Follything try trimming!
Very Hot Day - BirdBath best place for ME - Oooh!

Today - Now
SagaSez lie in Birdbath
Splosh! - Hey - Wow - Better than upsetting waterbowl
Hi Saga - Look at ME - Splosh!
Saga go rather quickly . . . .
Hi Gordon - look at ME - Splosh!
Ouch Gordon - That's Neckscruff!

Saga and Folly

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