Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


In which Saga rather reluctantly assumes a tutorial role,
whilst Folly eats Foul Things and is nearly returned to her Breeder!

Today (Isn't it Always)
Today Ago Ago no FollyThing!
Trying to play with FollThing but it keeps jumping at mouth
ME trying to train IT mouth-jumping not A Good Thing for Sagas
Tail-pulling Worse!!! Grrrrr.. . . OOWF!
Hope Gordon takes me to work - Rest Needed!
Aha - here comes FerryVan - bye . . . Ooooh. . .

SagaFriend keeps avoiding me
I love SagaFriend
I think SagaFriend got bad memory - forgets me here
Saga Friend snoozy - Hey she got scraggy ear-hairs . . .
OW - OW - OW -
SagaBoss got snappy white front teeth !!

Today (Isn't it Always!)
Today Ago no FollyThingy
Now just grab the other end of this bone . . .That's right now PULL
Now FollyThingy
This is where we lie down to keep cool . . NO NOT IN Hosters ! !
There I tell you that whappings for Hoster destruction!
NO Thingy - Don't eat THAT - it just emerged from YOU!
There you are - more whappings!
Now Lunch Time - If I just look a little pathetic,
a little bit "butter-wouldn't melt" . . .
. . . it worked ! Ooooh . . . .

Today Now
Hey! me just a puppy . .
Hey! whappings are against Canine Rights
I only eat it 'cos it smells good!
me NOT "disgusting, filthy, foul, little urchin!
me don't want "postage stamp stuck on head and return to Breeder"
. . . and Hosters are good for shadyplace.
SagaFriend sticking up for me
When SagaFriend WOOF me woooooof like her
me Great Help to SagaFriend . . .

Today (Isn't it Always!)
Today Folly ME Friend!
ME lie on back and FollyFriend jump on ME
ME playfight with FollyFriend -
Gordon stupid about saying FollyFriend FourWeek stay
Never been a time without FollyFriend
Now, FollyFriend, this is where CATS get into garden . .
Yes, that's right, nose down, curl lip . .
Wow it's hot - just off to the lake, come on FollyFriend . . .Ooooh .. .. ..

SagaSez me her Friend
Oh WOW! - me SagaFriend !!! I love Saga
. . .Very worried about Saga Saga shrinking!
Actually whole world shrinking
Even Gordon shrinking (so he should!)
How do I stop WorldShrink ???????
What does GROWING mean ?
Gordon says I am Growing Up. Perhaps that means more food . . . .

Saga and Folly

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