Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


in which much is made about dog-beds and training

Today (Isn't it Always)
Now I think I tell you Today Ago about Bed?
Well Gordon make SagaBed bigger
I think "Good, more room for SagaStretch"
FollyThing thinks extra bedsize for her
ME growl
SagaTail NOT for lie-on
FollyThing has bed on floor - Good Place!
GordonMate say "Poor Folly with bed on cold floor"
Gordon snarl a bit at GordonMate and say Sagabed bigenough for two
GordonMate gives Gordon A LOOK
Gordon in yard dismember Sagabed and make VERY BIG
ME has 6 ft bed WOW!
Stretch . . . yawn . . . ooooh!

Sagabed is big now - too big for SagaFriend
me leap on Folly/Sagabed
Whoopeee! No SagaGrowl!!
Me sleep with Saga now - very-grown-up-puppy!
Gordon rude about me looks. Gordon call me 'sewer-rat'
Me sleek and lovely with long smooth tail and nosegrow
Gordon wrong!
me went on boat Today Ago with SagaFriend
Passenger say "I like your two dogs - especially the small one".
Whopeee - did you hear that? ESPECIALLY THE SMALL ONE

Today (Isn't it Always?)
Gordonboats are getting a very poor quality of passengers these days!

I have found more about this thing called Walks
Walks are not just 'half an hour up to Moss Eccles Tarn'
(me like Moss Eccles Tarn - Splosh!)
Walks can happen anywhere, anytime, just collar-on and away!
Best walks have Open Fell
Best walks have Lakes or Tarns
Best walks have Deersniff and Foxsniff and SquirrelSniff
me has brain that works well on sniff but disengages ears when noseworks
Gordon talks about thing called Training
Gordon say Training might engage ears when nosesniff
Training might be fun
Training is SIT before foodtime
Training is STAY before romptime
Training is ON-THE-BOAT at jetty-docks
Gordon say 'Good Girl' and I get foodthing called REWARD
me like Reward. me like Training. me become Proper Flatcoat!

Today (Isn't it Always?)
FollyThing Talk too much - whose Log is this?
Anyway Me train Follything
Who show her Deersniff?
Who play swim-in-Tarn?
Who growl when Follything chews tableleg?
Who show her rubbish-bin?
Who show her upend-rubbish-bin?
Who help her chew best bits of rubbish
Who sneak off just in time so that only FollyThing gets Whapping?
Now that is Proper Training!!
Sardine cans . . Camembert wrappers . . . Ice cream Tubs . . . Oooooh!

Saga and Folly

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