Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Logs of Saga and Folly

A series of internal conversations within the minds of dogs!

In which Saga's thoughts are recorded in Green, whilst Folly's thoughts are in Red.


In which Saga worries about Folly's size - and gets into BOTHER,
whilst Folly is Very Well Behaved - until she discovers Ice Cream

Today (Isn't it Always)
Worried about FollyGrow
Will this FollyThing ever stop getting bigger?
ME very kind and BedShare with her, but BedShare is getting out of paw
ME allocate small corner of bed as FollySpace
Now SagaStretchSpace getting smaller and smaller
It's Gordon and GordonMate's fault
Too much FollyFeeding . . .
Now sagaFeeding, that's different . . . .
Yummmmm .. .just one more tasty morsel . . . . oooh!

me go for Walk with SagaFriend
me do everything GordonSez . . BUT
SagaFriend NOT GOOD GIRL !!
SagaFriend find Deersniff and whoooosh! Gone!!!
Gordon whistle, me come back . .
me think Saga got Earblockage as she not hear. Gordon growl a bit at Saga
All go through BullockField with Lots of Beasts!
me try to say "hello" to bullock. Bullock says "Phrooof" at me and charges . .
HELP !!!!!
me get right behind Gordon in case he needs help with bullocks!
Saga shows she not concerned . . . .
. . .she VERY 'GUSTING eat BullockShit !!
Gordon YELLS at Saga - - - SagaSlink!
me looks cute and as if poo wouldn't melt in me mouth . . .

Today(Isn't it Always?)
Huh! So WonderPup does it again!
Who teaching FollyThing everything it knows?
Who putting up with Earbite every Today?
Who show FollyThing how to walk to heel?
Who defend FollyThing against Bullocks?
One little lapse from perfection . . . . . !
ME going to find new Gordon, this one VERY BAD NEWS
Just think, a nice Gordon, a kind Gordon, a NoGrowl Gordon . . . ooooh!

me on Boat TodayAgo
me find nice family of SmellyBrats
SmellyBrats have yummy sniffs called Icecream
me look cute. SmellyBrats like cute.
Gordon doing JettyDockThing with spokeywheel so not look at me
me just want to taste YummyCream . . ..
SmellyBrats YELL at me, SmellyBrats Dam YELL at SmellyBrats
Gordon YELL at me
Gordon doing JettyDockThing VERY BADLY . . me complain to Marine Safety.
Gordon mutter about YardArms and PlankWalks and KeelHauls for Flatcoats !
me not very nautical . . .
. . . me like yummy icecream though

Today(Isn't it Always?)
See what I mean . .

Saga and Folly

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