Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

(de Tails?)
Castlerock Leading Light
b. 23 May 1997 - d. 5 Jan 2011
Bitch (Spayed)
Don't I look GREAT - at 10 months 'new'. Eat you hearts out Flatcoat Boys!
GROWING The learning process is a troubled one for a pup. . .

is this a Herb Bed that I see before me !!!!!!

  Folly at Birdbath and this Bird Bath Thingy

How do I get into it !!!!!!!

  Then I discovered W A L K S . . .

. . . .. . and met some VERY strange things!

  Anyway - as I was telling you (wasn't I ?), my best friend was called Saga,

and I always did what Saga said . .

so if SagaSed - "Sniff" . . .

Then I sniffed, and . . .

  . . if SagaSed"SWIM", then I . . . .

SWAM !!!!!

  ut I do remeber wishing she would lend me a paw to help me out of here !
  And then, afterwards, there is the complicated business of . . .

finding out which end to start shaking yourself with !!!

  so just look at me, all on my own at 12 weeks, being


  Well I started to grow up and . . .

got busy busy growing my feathers

  Now I do have a positively endearing habit (well I think so) of . . .

pushing my nose into your face . . .

BREEDING. . Some of us are just born to it! Breeder: Mrs Dorothy Brooks,
Wild Acres,
Sandy Lane,
SK10 4RJ
Watchingwell FOXTROT
Exclyst WATCHMAN Ch Exclyst SEQUIN
Tanglebriar TORRENT Branchalwood STROAN Ch
Wizardwood RUSHING WATER at Tanglebriar Wizardwood WATER WITCH Ch
Riversflight GENIL
Heronsflight GO MY WAY BACK TO LATHKILL Heronsflight MOSS Ch
GILLY FLOWER of Caastlerock DELLY's DELIGHY (liver)
ACTION DOG When I was 'Only Just' some PEOPLE thought that I would be a 'Tennis Ball Dog" like my very best friend, but . . . .  
  I discovered that old mooring warps were much more fun.

The problem is that although you CAN play with them by yourself . . . .
  . . . . it is so much more fun when you have a friend at the other end!
  So, that's me, Folly.

My very best friend Saga left me with AWFUL REPONSIBILITIES - from being 'That Folly Thing' I had to become TOP DOG.

And so I have (very nearly) grown up!

WORK Then, all of a sudden, I found this Epic Thing - and it was SUCH FUN !

END OF THE TAIL Folly was the most gentle and kind of dogs. She loved people, especially children, and was a great favourite on our passenger boats where she would entertain everybody. She was an idle flatcoat (the only one in the world I think), who considered that life was bliss if it just involved beanbags and ice-cream.

She was excellent with Epic, which is surprising because Saga was not prepared to play the 'mother' to her. As time went on she slowly relinquished most of her 'Top Dog' responsibilities to Epic - although she never gave up the 'best' position on their dog bed!

She lived until she was nearly 14, by far the oldest gun-dog I have owned. She had suffered a few growths, which we had removed over the years, but a combination of a malignant jaw/eye tumour and increasing inability to control one of her back legs made it a kindness to her to have her put down. She was a loyal friend with a gorgeous and wickeddly funny personality - and is greatly missed

Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.