Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Virginia Cottage

Virgina, front This is my cottage in Silverdale, on the Cumbria/Lancashire border. It is available throughout the year for weekly lets, but only to that dwindling band of connoisseurs who really want a distinctly old-fasioned, over-furnished, and decidedly personalised place as a base for their holiday.

If you would like further information about it, and booking details then click here, or on the image.

My Interests

I have tried to create at least some order out of chaos by, somewhat arbitarily, dividing my interests into three categories. There is of course an 'overlap', but I am sure you will be able to navigate your way around!


I have written a number of short stories, some of which relate to Greece and are fairly lighthearted accounts of an Englishman's adventures in a foreign land. Others are of a more general nature.

I have also written a number of articles about Greece, mainly concerning the Crisis.

I have written several poems about Greece, these being mainly of a quasi-political nature, and rather more poems of a general nature that include sonnets, riddles, and much much more!

'Marsh Tide' is a story set mainly in North Norfolk and is about guilt and redemption. 'She Starlight' is a scientific and psychological adventure story.
Of the other two 'Beyond the Mirror' is complete but unlikely to be published due to the misgivings of my co-author, whilst 'Route Change' is a work in (slow!) progress.


Gordon Hall Human Being
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Flatcoated Retrievers

My writing that relates to dogs, specifically Flatcoated Retrievers, is lighthearted stuff, hardly intellectually demanding!

There are a series of  'Fables', these being being slightly whimsical stories about Flatcoats. Then there are 'The Logs', which is a diary puportedly written by Flatcoats.

There is one poem written about a very special flatcoat.

For light entertainment don't miss the fabulous 'Human Selector', which is a must for flatcoat owners!

There are also profiles of the Flatcoats that have owned me.


Ameila Peep [Epic]
Flatcoated Retriever Pup


In lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis I was 'stranded' in Viginia Cottage in the UK. It is good walking country and I managed to cover 15 different walks from my front door without using the car, and without retracing my steps. These walks I published on my Facebook page.

The Silverdale walks were meant largely for my Greek friends who, at the time, were subject to a much more severe lockdown than we were in the UK. However a number of my English friends also enjoyed them and encouraged me to write them up, including maps. I eventually managed to do this once I had been 'repatriated' free of charge, to Greece, by the kind people in the Greek Consulate in London - was I the only non-Greek to receive such treatment?


Winnie the Pooh
In 100 Acre Wood

Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.